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Real Experience. Reel Performance.

SEGA E.V./3103014 Nova Scotia Limited is a privately controlled corporation based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  From our location, we are able to serve all four Atlantic Provinces with ease.

SEGA is actively positioning itself within the Atlantic Canadian film making industry as a knowledgeable and versatile supplier. Our fleet of specialty police vehicles, and experienced law enforcement consultants, is unmatched in Eastern Canada.


Members of our group have worked with the film industry over the past nine years.  We have worked with productions including "Black Harbour", "Major Crime", "The Shipping News", "The Hunt for the BTK Killer" and, "Trailer Park Boys".


Over the past five (5) years, SEGA E.V. has developed a "Police Force" specifically for film work. Our team provides 'Regular' Police Officers as well as specialty units: An eight member Emergency Response Team (SWAT Team), K-9 Unit, and individuals experienced in Explosive Ordinance Disposal. We provide complete wardrobe and props to equip our Officers, and your actors. We have also developed generic shoulder flashes that are worn on our uniforms.


SEGA E.V. is made up of emergency vehicle technicians, civilians, peace officers, and active police officers. Retired military, active crown attorneys, and celebrities have joined our ranks for various productions. We also have numerous civilians working with us.  Team members are selected based on their experience and their "fit" with the team.


We are not part of ACTRA Atlantic. However, when we provide specialty units, we expect that members of the specialty units be paid as special skills extras.


All of our members, when working, carry either Red Gun training side arms or "Air Soft" guns that are exact functioning replicas to the SIG P226. These weapons are considered "Prohibited Devices" in Canada, therefore we are licensed to both acquire and carry these weapons to ensure the highest degrees of realism for production companies. Should your project require a real firearm or specialty firearm product, please contact Armed Solutions Incorporated who holds valid firearms licensing for the Nova Scotia motion picture industry.


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