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Vehicle Coordinator

N. Paul Service has worked with various law enforcement agencies for over twelve years in fleet support roles.  Paul's duties include liaising with the film production teams, and coordinating vehicle scheduling.   He is also the team dog handler, and has worked in the film industry since 1996.



Equipment Coordinator


Dave is our equipment manager, having responsibility for all of the uniform and equipment that the team utilizes. 




Police Coordinator

Scott Warnica is a 15year Federal Police Force Veteran.  Scott is a Staff Sergeant currently serving as a Watch Commander.  He serves as a liaison between active Police members, and SEGA ensuring that Specialists are available as required.



Business Coordinator

Karen Service is the President of SEGA Emergency Vehicles/3103014 Nova Scotia Limited.  Her first film experience was with Trailer Park Boys in 2002. Karen is also employed by the Halifax Regional School Board as a High School teacher.



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